ISOH  –  Waste Management Information System
The Waste Management Information System (ISOH) unifies and replaces some existing waste management information systems in the Slovak Republic (RISO, statistical survey on waste management by the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic, third party information systems), is a tool for controlling the fulfillment of specified collection limits; but also serves to fulfill the tasks and obligations arising from the special legal regulations or international obligations of the Slovak Republic in this area. ISOH serves also for the continuous monitoring of the fulfillment of the objectives set out in the Waste Management Program of the Slovak Republic and provides basic statistical data and reports.
ISOH is focused on tracking waste from its origin to its recovery, respectively disposal. It collects the necessary records and relevant reports, collects data on waste originators and waste disposal facilities.
It is based on the valid legislation on waste management, the basis of which is Act no. 79/2015 Z.z. on Waste and on Amendments to Certain Acts as amended.
Benefits of ISOH
a comprehensive register of all the subjects that come into contact with waste (waste producers, holders, processors, collection yards) that will contain broad information to the public on waste treatment capacities, the possibilities of passing waste, the permits issued by state authorities reports, etc.,
radical acceleration of waste material data processing and improved data collection for international reporting as well as waste management planning,
• simplification of reporting for all waste management entities that have to report data in a "paper" form, which puts the business environment at a heavy burden. The new system should only be responsible for waste disposal, and the applicant will be able to verify online whether the waste is handed over to the person entitled. Removing paper reports will also benefit the environment